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2 days ago

Common signs that you need to replace your sump pump

The purpose of a sump pump is to keep the foundation of your house moisture-free. Your sump pump works 24 hours a day, seven days a week, whisking water away and preventing any build-up. You probably only notice your sump pump when there is a problem. So how do you know if your sump pump is degrading?

Here are five common signs that you need to replace your sump pump
1.) Age

The life span of a sump pump is not infinite, regardless of maintenance and cleaning. If your sump pump is older than seven years, you should replace it as soon as possible.

2.) Strange Noises

If there is an excessive amount of noise coming from your sump pump, it may be a sign that there are worn/damaged parts. Any rattling or grinding noises indicates a potentially jammed or wrecked impeller. The impeller is the fan on the bottom of the sump pump, responsible for pulling water into the pump.

3.) No water in Sump Pit

The result of not having a sump pump properly installed is having your sump pump running but with no water in the pit. The same will be true if the drainage system is also inadequately installed.

The purpose of basement drainage systems is to work hand-in-hand with your pump, diverting the water to the pit.

Should your pit be water-free, disconnect the pump and contact your local plumbing services to schedule an inspection.

4.) Visible Rust

The discoloration of your sump pump could be due to bacteria. Typically referred to as Iron Bacteria due to their colour, this bacteria feeds off the iron in the water, leading to discoloration. In extreme cases, a gel-like substance can form, causing a back-up in the plumbing.

5.) Motor Failure

An internal wiring failure could be a reason why your sump pump isn’t working. If the pump is receiving electrical power and still is not working, there could be an electrical problem inside.

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