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With 50 years experience, we know exactly where the plumbing issue may arise. We service Oakville, Burlington, Milton and surrounding areas. Do you have leaks in your bathroom? Do not wait for it to get worse. Let us take care of the dirty work so you can stay clean. Relax after a long day in your luxurious tub or get high pressure in your shower for those quick and early mornings. With knowledge of all shapes, sizes, styles, and brands, trust Harb Plumbing for any of your shower or bathtub services. We’ve been offering quality shower and tub installation services in Burlington and the surrounding areas since 1974. Call us now


Shower Leak and Bathtub Leak Repair

We can help with all immediate or minor repairs. If your shower is leaking or your bathtub is leaking, we can trace where the water originates and resolve the issue. The leaks in your shower and bathtub may cause damage to the surrounding area. These issues may arise from the water supply in the wall or from the fixtures themselves. The valves after prolonged use will require a new cartridge or a complete replacement. Homeowners must be aware of these issues that may result in further damage. Luckily, we are here to help. Call (905) 333-4272 today for a free estimate.

Additionally, if your shower suffers from low pressure, we can help you restore it to previous levels. Often this problem arises from built-up sediment in your cartridge or pipes. You also may have a leaky faucet, a common problem that can waste water and cost you money over time. No matter the problem, we promise a quick diagnose and an effective solution.

Shower and Bathtub Installation

As your home ages, your tub and shower will begin to show signs of deterioration. If you find a leak in your shower or find a leak in your bath then call us for professional advice. We will give you a free estimate and repair the necessary area for a reasonable price.

Alternatively, we can help create your dream bathroom with our supply and installation services. Whether you’re looking to create your master bath getaway or add a charming space for your overnight guests, we can help you custom design your bathroom with shower and bathtub installations. Get the perfect fit!

Emergency Services

Whether your tub or shower is leaking, the water pressure is not high enough or you need any other maintenance, call our experts to solve the issue from the source. If you need us to take a look at your shower or bathtub right away, Harb Plumbing offers emergency plumbing services 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

We help home and business owners in the Oakville, Burlington, and Milton regions. With a guaranteed 5-minute callback service, give us a call today to get your service pronto!


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